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Sn2 Ep3: Nothing Goes to Plan

The plan is to go landbased in the pursuit of spring time run of kingfish, but we soon have to come up with Plan B, C and...

This episode takes us to East Cape hunting in the pursuit of the spring run of huge kingfish that turns up here early in the season. The plan is to target the fish landbased fishing from some remote rock ledges.

Everything looks great, except for the fact that big schools are spotted way out of reach from their position on the rocks. After the first failed attempt the decision is made to put the boat in the water and find the schools of fish where hopefully the big predator fish will be as well.

Failure again as the big fish are there, but not interested in Milan and Nathan’s offerings. When they finally succeed in hooking the big kingfish another problem occurs. The big sharks are taking advantage of the hooked fish struggling on the line and make short process of the catch. Nathan has a secret card up his sleeve though and soon the sharks are defeated.

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