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Sn2 Ep13: The Dream Comes True!

The final episode of season 2 sees a couple of 40+kgs kingfish giving both Milan and Nathan a hard but fair battle!

Nathan has a crazy dream about catching kingfish over the magical 40kg mark with a mate out at Mayor Island. He is convinced that what he saw in his dream was true and forces Milan to come with him, even though Milan is in the middle of his housework!

Once at location out at sea, Milan instantly have his hands full when a 45kg kingfish eats his bait on the first drop. There are tears and laughter as Milan’s body almost breaks in half in his battle with this monster.

Nathan is up next and shows Milan exactly how it’s done. A bit of huffing and puffing, though. Those big kingfish won't make it easy!

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#2 Big Angry Fish 2014-10-24 03:55
Very soon, we'll have Season 2 and 3 ready. Keep an aya on our newsletter and/or facebook for final date (november 2014)!
#1 Peter Chamings 2014-10-22 20:22

I look forward to watching your shows. Have you got other tv series on dvd I can buy?


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