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Sn2 Ep11: High Tech

Milan & Nathan have taken all the high tech toys along when fishing the shallow waters off Port Jackson on the Coromandel Peninsula.

Making fishing simple is on the top of our list, but taking a few high tech gizmos along for a fish is not a bad idea.

We launched the boat off Port Jackson on the Coromandel Peninsula, and our Extreme 540 center console is kitted out with the latest and greatest tools that should make the fish jump inside the boat. They say...

A new breed of sounder/chartplotter has been installed, and it gives us super accurate readings of what's happening underneith the boat. That, paired with a electric motor with remote control, gives us the possibility to move around in stealth mode using a silent approach to sneak up on big snapper and kingfish.

The area prooved to be full of fish that sure enough seemed to be attracted to the silent approach right up in the shallows.

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