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Sn2 Ep10: Everything is BIG

Milan and Nathan went out livebaiting for kingfish. The day's fishing turned out to be a Coromandel Grand Slam!

Milan and Nathan start the morning in Long Bay west of Coromandel Township catching live baits for the day's fishing. After filling up the livebait tank, they steam up to a spot at the tip of the Coromandel Peninsula where the conditions look perfect for getting a berley trail going, cubing up and setting out the livebait.

The preparation work does its wonders, and Milan successfully catches a big kingfish. As the tide slows down, they seek out a new spot down the coast a bit. Nathan is having some fun with some big snapper until all hell breaks loose! The shark bait suddenly gets eaten, and Nathan finds himself in a powerful 101 with a big bronze whaler shark

Gear & Fishing Tips

Netting your livebaits is a quick way of filling up your tanks, but make sure the mesh size complies with the rules.
Manson Anchors holds you at your spot all day.
Pumping quality berley and a constant flow of pillie cubes over shallow reefs, bring the kingfish into feeding mode.

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