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Sn2 Ep1: New Toys

Set up with new fishing gear, boat and truck, Milan & Nathan travel to the Waihi end of Tauranga chasing spring kingfish.

The first episode of PlaceMakers Big Angry Fish kick’s off in Milan and Nathan’s house where the boys are exited with the arrival of new fishing gear, new boat and truck for the start of the fishing season.

They travel to Waihi to fish for the day in the Tauranga harbour. After catching their baits they are greeted with some springtime harbour kingfish that give away some incredible battles on the new fishing gear. During the last fight with a big kingfish, a pod of orca’s are spotted swimming up the harbour and the boys soon follow them from a safe distance enjoying this spectacular sight, complimented with some great information on why orca’s frequently enter our harbours and estuaries to hunt down their prey.

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