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Season 2

The second season of PlaceMakers Big Angry Fish was broadcasted on TV3 in 2013-2014.

Sn2 Ep13: The Dream Comes True!

The final episode of season 2 sees a couple of 40+kgs kingfish giving both Milan and Nathan a hard but fair battle!

Sn2 Ep12: Metropolis fishing

We locate a likely kingfish spot, and it only takes seconds before a nice pack of kingfish come around to play with Milan and Nathan.

Sn2 Ep11: High Tech

Milan & Nathan have taken all the high tech toys along when fishing the shallow waters off Port Jackson on the Coromandel Peninsula.

Sn2 Ep10: Everything is BIG

Milan and Nathan went out livebaiting for kingfish. The day's fishing turned out to be a Coromandel Grand Slam!

Sn2 Ep9: Aussie Style

Kangaroos, spiders and sunbathing kingfish. Milan is in Australia fishing the Aussie Style.

Sn2 Ep8: Panamaniacs

Our adventure starts on a shaky flight from Panama to Coiba Island where we're targeting cubera snapper, roosterfish and big yellowfin tuna.

Sn2 Ep7: Mangroves

Landbased fishing in the mangroves brings us back to the basics of fishing, and very close to some trophy snapper in knee-deep water.

Sn2 Ep6: Marlin Virgins

The marlin virgins out at sea experience what big game fishermen can only dream about: huge packs of striped marlin feeding like crazy!

Sn2 Ep5: Cape Reinga

Once the trevally arrive in feeding mode, it's all action stations and there are screaming reels all over the cockpit.

Sn2 Ep4: Knee Deep

Never before has big snapper been caught in waters this shallow!

Sn2 Ep3: Nothing Goes to Plan

The plan is to go landbased in the pursuit of spring time run of kingfish, but we soon have to come up with Plan B, C and...

Sn2 Ep2: Bad Conditions

We've had lots of amazing Coromandel fishing, but this time our well-known spots made us work hard for the catch.

Sn2 Ep1: New Toys

Set up with new fishing gear, boat and truck, Milan & Nathan travel to the Waihi end of Tauranga chasing spring kingfish.

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