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Sn1 Ep8: Todd Rocks

Todd Mitchell, landbased fishing legend took us for a hairy day on the water, but we got some amazing kingfish off the rocks.

Todd Mitchell has been landbased fishing the Far North for almost 30 years. During these years, he has explored this coast extensively and found out which strategy works where.

On this episode of Big Angry Fish we went out with Todd on a flat day where the surges were still 2-3 meters on the rock faces. It’s not an easy environment to fish, just loading and unloading the inflatable every time you change a spot makes it hard work. Always wear a lifejacket on expeditions like these, and keep on constant watch for big waves. It’s not for the faint hearted!

Landbased fishing in the Far North always comes with a rush as you know you are going to be in for some amazing fishing, and we weren’t disappointed with Todd.
Fishing off the rocks can be very rewarding, and you can easily apply the same method if you want to do land base fishing in your local area. Pump heaps of berley, sometimes mix it in a bucket and spoon it out so it gets out into the current. This gets the berley trail working even better and brings the fish into your feet which is one of the most important parts of fishing the rocks.

We picked up some good advice from Todd on catching snapper when land based:
Big snapper spots are typically very shallow kelp bays well away from deeper water. There’s no need to fish massive baits but big enough for a 4-5 kilo snapper to come up and swallow it easily. You don’t have to cast the bait out a long way, mostly just lobed 5 or so meters out to the edge of the berley trail and slowly let the bait sink down.

When looking for kingfish we fished deep water with current on the front faces, and it was great to see how Todd loved using massive live baits. Like all fishing pick up as much information you can and learn to fish different spots at different times. Time on the water is really the only way to find wicked fishing spots, but sometimes these locations can be closer than you expect, it’s just learning when and how to fish different areas.

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