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It makes good sense why the harbours is the spot to find the fish: the food is in there, it’s safer than the open ocean and its quiet, which adds up to a pretty easy life.

You may think there is only a small number of these big fish taking up residence in our harbours, but if you head up into these shallows, pump a mean berley trail and soake some big baits, you'll be pleasantly surprised at what turns up.
We have done a lot of fishing on sand bars in the harbours. The trick is not fish the middle of the channels but along the edges where the current has carved out a structure. A sand bar in a harbour is the same as a reef in open water. If you can find locations where on the current of the outgoing tide washes over the sand bar and carries your berley over shallow water before falling into the channel it’s even better.

The sand bar we fished in this episode of PlaceMakers Big Angry Fish show is a place we normally pick up bait and snapper. The great thing about these kind of spots is that you can catch your livebaits but also have the chance of catching a massive snapper or trevally.
The day we filmed we couldn’t catch a livebait, just solid snapper and trevally with a heap of small kingfish and eaglerays hanging around, - not that this bothered us.

In shallow water 20-30 fluorocarbon trace is a must to get these fish to take a bait, and needle sharp fine gauge hooks to give the bait a free floating look as it slides down the berley trail. If the bait and hook is not free floating, the big fish will turn off your bait. To get your bait free floating don’t use a swivel just connect your trace directly to the braid with a 5 turn surgeon knot.

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