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Sn1 Ep3: The Drift

How cool is it to catch trophy kingfish 2 minutes from the boat ramp, burning 5 liters of fuel on a day’s fishing and not having to bounce through big waves all day long?!

This show is what PlaceMakers Big Angry Fish is all about, catching trophy fish in shallow water, right at your back doorstep.

Fishing the harbours doesn’t have to be hard. To catch the livebait, fish the shallow waters up on the flats early in the morning, just like we did on episode 1.
Pump a berley trail and either flick Grim Reaper jigs or fish pilchard cubes in the berley.

Make sure that you have a great system to keep the livebait alive, as you will never know when you will need them throughout the day. Sometimes getting the bait is the hardest part of catching kingfish.

When drifting harbor entrances, mark your drifts on your sounder and move across each drift as the kingfish will hold in the same areas.
Once you have located the fish, drop a mark on your chartplotter, as you can go back over these same spots and catch kingfish over and over again. These location change over the course of the tide and also if its incoming and outgoing, they take a few trips to work out. If you do your homework well, you should be able to hook into kings every time you head out!

Read more about drift fishing here.


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