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Sn1 Ep2: Pirates of the Gulf

This week saw us doing something different to the style of fishing we are used to. Milan seldom head out in the Hauraki Gulf to chase snapper, but it turned out to be an amazing day.

Getting that thresher shark early in the morning and on very light gear was just the best! It really showed what the Pirate Jigs are made of.

We tried out our new radar, and that proved to be a secret weapon for finding the work ups. The Raymarine Bird Radar technology is surprisingly easy to use, and very effective. As you saw on the show, it put on in the right direction instantly, so we didn't have to sit around or spend liters of fuel seaching for the work ups. It can be used for a wide range of tasks: from finding feeding birds in the gulf to hunting game fish out in open water. It’ll guide you straight to work ups of mackerel, tuna, kahawai and trevally, even if they are miles away.


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