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Sn1 Ep13: The Pink Racer

Pro track cyclist Kaytee Boyd was on fire and ready for anything as she hooked up to her first ever bronze whaler shark. 

The lady in pink strikes! Kaytee Boyd was on fire, ready for anything and full of enthusiasm.  For those who thought she was on drugs we can honestly say that all she had was a piece of toast with marmite and half a cup of coffee!

The day before fishing Kaytee had won the Lake Taupo cycling race, so maybe that explains the level of excitement. Kaytee grew up on the West Coast of the North Island fishing for snapper with her dad, so she is not a newcomer to fishing. She had never been fishing for sharks before or remotely caught anything really big.

Kaytee insisted on fishing the big reels that we have been talking about for years. Lucky Milan was there and ready to adjust the drag a bit or we might have lost Kaytee over the side, and the shark, too...

After a quiet morning the sharks woke up and came on the bite big time. Within an hour Kaytee (with Milan’s help) landed two hard fighting harbour bronzie’s. All Kaytee had to say was: can we do it again please?

When targeting sharks, always use barbless hooks, stay safe and return the sharks unharmed. The bronze whaler sharks are so important to the eco-system: they clean up all the fish scraps that end up in the oceans and remove the unhealthy fish. Read more about Nathan's shark rig here

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