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Sn1 Ep11: River Beauties

When we decided to film a fishing show, we were keen to show you not only big New Zealand fish, but some of the amazing fish that can be caught around the world in fresh and salt water.

The fishing trips in this episode of PlaceMakers Big Angry Fish takes you to both Canada and Texas.

In Canada, rotten bait is the way to get hooked up to monster sturgeon. These fish jump free out of the water during the fight and it’s just insane to be catching 200 kilo fish in a river.
There are big populations of these monsters that feed at different times of the year, making them a little easier to hook.

From Vancouver, we headed to Texas to fish for the weird looking alligator gar. Fishing for this specie usually happens in 40 degrees and beaming sunshine. The horrible weather certainly slowed down the fishing, but Milan battled the conditions and finally got his dream fish!

More info on fishing Vancouver for massive sturgeon with Chris Fox
More info on fishing Texas for alligator gar with Captain Kirk


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#1 Mahaki 2018-11-08 14:17
What a fish

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