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Sn1 Ep10: Learn to Livebait

Shallow water fishing for kingfish in the Coromandel would have to be my most favorite form of fishing. There's not a lot of fish, so you really have to work for it. That's the challenge!

Once you hook one of these fish, fight hard and don't let them go more than 3-4 meters deep, so they can’t go down and make massive power runs. 90 percent of the time, we are located hard up against the rocks fishing the weedlines, so good gear is required to stop these fish when they decide to head for the foul.

Kingfish fishing in the Coromandel takes a bit to work out. Find current that runs along a weed line, at best at the outgoing tide or the slack water first thing in the morning.
Pump heaps of berley. Wayne from Topcatch in Coromandel is doing some very wicked mullet berley. It is chunky, oily and would have to be some of the best berley I am using at present. Ring Wayne and book it in advance.

Good berley makes the difference, and running a cube trail of cut up pilchards will get the kingfish when they turn up feeding at the back of the boat. The berley is important not for attracting the kingfish but to gather the reef and bait fish close by.

The water in the Coromandel is murky, and the kingfish go on vibration, so if you have heaps of small snapper and baitfish feeding at the back of the boat, any passing kingfish is going to stop to take a look at what is going on. Most times it will eat a live bait that is on offer before it leaves, or a well presented pilchard cube.

The berley also brings in the big bronze whaler sharks and as you know we love to catch them. If you can catch a good feed of snapper of kingfish during the morning and then hook into some big sharks to finish of the afternoon, you couldn’t really ask for much more out of a fishery, which is so accessible for us all.

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