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Sn1 Ep1: Destructive Squid

Targeting kingfish in Coromandel shallow water is one of our favourites. This is where Milan got really hooked on the shallow water fishing, so this makes it a natural starting point for our fishing show.

The kingfish simply can't resist a well-presented squid, so it is really worth putting in that extra effort to get hold of them.
Squid are hard to catch at the best of times. If you are desperate to catch them like we were, get up in the middle of the night, pump a good berley trail over some broken ground, preferably with clumps of seaweed as this is what they use as an ambush point.

It usually only takes a few minutes for the squid to pick up on the berley and you should be straight into them. A whole pilchard tied in front of a squid lure gets them every time. Be very gentle at the moment of landing them as they usually fall off the lure, definitely use a landing net.

Kingfish in the Coromandel have very defined routes, most of the Coromandel has a muddy bottom with very little structure, so kingfish tend to cruise the weed lines.

With the murky water it’s a good idea to pump berley hard up on these weed lines to bring activity to the back of the boat. This will bring the kingfish in for a look when they pick up on the action and hopefully find your live bait.

And last, and we can’t stress it enough, make sure to pretest you leaders first to make sure they will not break!

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