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Season 1

The first season of PlaceMakers Big Angry Fish was broadcasted on TV3 in 2012-2013.

Sn1 Ep13: The Pink Racer

Pro track cyclist Kaytee Boyd was on fire and ready for anything as she hooked up to her first ever bronze whaler shark. 

Sn1 Ep12: Thailand

My dream is to catch all the big freshwater fish of the world. Thailand is one of the few places left where you can actually catch them.

Sn1 Ep11: River Beauties

When we decided to film a fishing show, we were keen to show you not only big New Zealand fish, but some of the amazing fish that can be caught around the world in fresh and salt water.

Sn1 Ep10: Learn to Livebait

Shallow water fishing for kingfish in the Coromandel would have to be my most favorite form of fishing. There's not a lot of fish, so you really have to work for it. That's the challenge!

Sn1 Ep9: Mussel Farms

With the heavy rains and the Coromandel water all milky brown, fishing for kingfish was going to be very hard. So with the conditions we had, we decided to strayline for snapper.

Sn1 Ep8: Todd Rocks

Todd Mitchell, landbased fishing legend took us for a hairy day on the water, but we got some amazing kingfish off the rocks.

Sn1 Ep7: John's Workout

It makes good sense why the harbours is the spot to find the fish: the food is in there, it’s safer than the open ocean and its quiet, which adds up to a pretty easy life.

Sn1 Ep6: Harbour Kings

Getting back into the harbour is just fantastic: you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on gas, it is flat sheltered water and there are massive fish waiting to suck down your baits!

Sn1 Ep5: Kingfish Combat

  The Far North produces the world’s best kingfish fishing but you have to bring your A game if you attempt to land any of these fish.

Sn1 Ep4: Big Reds

This time, we're in the pristine Far North straylining for snapper and successfully working the berley trail.

Sn1 Ep3: The Drift

How cool is it to catch trophy kingfish 2 minutes from the boat ramp, burning 5 liters of fuel on a day’s fishing and not having to bounce through big waves all day long?!

Sn1 Ep2: Pirates of the Gulf

This week saw us doing something different to the style of fishing we are used to. Milan seldom head out in the Hauraki Gulf to chase snapper, but it turned out to be an amazing day.

Sn1 Ep1: Destructive Squid

Targeting kingfish in Coromandel shallow water is one of our favourites. This is where Milan got really hooked on the shallow water fishing, so this makes it a natural starting point for our fishing show.

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