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Nikolaj Mathiesen

Nikolaj Mathiesen

Nikolaj's dislike of sandflies changed his focus from trout to saltwater fly fishing, and gradually the camera became his new passion.

Nikolaj (aka FlyGuy) grew up in Denmark in a family of sailors. His whole childhood was spent at sea with his parents, staring at waves and wondering what lived in the blue yonder.
At the age of 6, Nikolaj was given his first fishing rod and he has never let go of it since.
A career in cabinetmaking saw Nikolaj running a successful interior business in Copenhagen for 15 years. Every year, trips were booked to overseas destinations in pursuit of something a bit more exciting than the local sea trout along the coastlines of Denmark.

When the time came to Visit New Zealand for the first time, it was the trout fishing that lured him, but upon arrival and the dislike of mosquitoes and sand flies, the focus was quickly put towards the salty sea.
Three months every year was spend with a backpack full of fishing gear, hiking out to remote rock ledges at East Cape and the remote Far North in pursuit of big fish on his fly rod.
Saltwater fly-fishing was basically unknown in New Zealand at that time and other anglers would stare in disbelieve as Nikolaj subdued saltwater species on “trout gear”.

Finally after many trips to New Zealand, the call was made to pack up the belongings and make the bold move to shift to the other side of the planet: Nikolaj and his wife Anne-Marie left Denmark to start their NZ adventure and new life.
Upon arrival in NZ a new boat was customized for saltwater fly-fishing, Anne-Marie made a website, ads were produced and put in overseas magazines catering for the travelling fisherman, and it got very busy very quickly.

Over 100 days a year was spend with clients chasing massive kingfish, sharks, snapper and basically all saltwater species on fly rods. The passion is still there, but when teaming up with Milan Radonich, it was the camera that became the new passion.

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