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Milan Radonich

Milan Radonich

Milan's discovery of an abundance of trophy fish living in the shallow bays and estuaries has been his obsession ever since. 

Fishing is in Milan’s blood. His grandmother was a die-hard marlin fisherwoman. Milan has many photos of her in her long dresses at Tauranga game fishing club’s weigh station, with yet another big striped marlin. 

In Milan’s young years he never said no to a day’s fishing in the Hauraki Gulf with dad and uncle Steve. The only problem was that Milan got seasick, just about every time. That never stopped him though, and the problem was easily solved: Milan starting exploring all shallow bays and estuaries on the North Island, fishing only where it was completely flat water and very close to land. 

The discovery of an abundance of trophy fish living up in these non-fished shallows was the best thing that could ever have happen to Milan, and it has been his obsession ever since. Milan’s career as an architectural draughts person and working from home (when the weather was bad) gave him the opportunity to fish 2-3 days a week. 

All the trophy fish were photographed and brought to the anglers in New Zealand through Fishing Coast to Coast magazine. Milan was there from the birth of the magazine and has never missed an issue. Readers have been enjoying and stunned by what you can pull out of a meter of water in this country and in Milan’s articles, nothing is a secret. 

In later years Milan has been travelling the world with his camera and fishing gear. Main targets have been huge freshwater fish, from 600lb sturgeon in the rivers in Canada, pre-historic alligator gar in Texas, Welsh catfish in Spain to weird looking arapaima in the Amazon River. 

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