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Big and strong trevallies test the guys to the max and even bigger snapper push them to their limit.

We love fishing and know that there's only one way to keep the fisheries of today as good as, and ideally even better, for the future anglers.

Starting off with a tranquil evening fish, the setting changes dramatically the following day with game fishing excitement and big angry fish.

At White Island, Milan and Nathan experience some line ripping huge trevally and with the new electric reel, the hapukas are in trouble.

If you want to target kingfish, snapper or trevally up in the shallows, here’s Milan’s tips on how to get started.

Once the trevally arrive in feeding mode, it's all action stations and there are screaming reels all over the cockpit.

Never before has big snapper been caught in waters this shallow!

It’s strong and has a reputation for being an ugly fighter. Read about how to set yourself up for success when battling the trevally.

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You can’t beat a day out lure fishing. There’s something great about casting lures around, waiting for a fish to come to the surface and smash the living snout out of your artificial bait.

It makes good sense why the harbours is the spot to find the fish: the food is in there, it’s safer than the open ocean and its quiet, which adds up to a pretty easy life.

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