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Milan and Nathan are fishing for the big ones and they get exactly what they ask for.

Milan and Nathan are off on the annual big fish hunt but find themselves reefed, busted off and generally outsmarted by the Coro Kings.

Never leave the ramp without a few pre-rigged combos in the rocket launcher, most importantly the stickbait set up.

New boat, new motor and new fishing gear. The fishing season has been kicked off big time.

Milan is chasing the lonesome Monster of the cold waters, searching for ways to lure it in and onto the hook. Watch the video!

Surrounded by workups in the Hauraki Gulf, Milan and Nathan have a ball catching snappers on light gear followed by some stickbait action.

The fish are begging to be caught, so it would be rude not to! The challenge starts as Nathan brings out his fly-fishing gear.

Bonze once asked if we would help develop a lure for catching kingfish. He knew we’d say yes, and short after the first prototype showed up.

The day brings hectic stickbaiting sessions, surface feeding kingfish and double hookups until Milan spots an enormous shark. 

Inspired by a new fishing show on TV, Milan and Nathan set off to try out FlyGuy’s shallow water kingfish spots in Tauranga Harbour.

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