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It's the last live bait I would stick on my hook, but Nathan has had great success with it on kingfish. Maybe it's just a matter of an open mind?

Mullet live forever in a live bait tank, they are strong swimmers and I have never seen a kingfish turn down a mullet live bait.

The seabirds are nature’s fishfinders and a great help to locate the work ups when out fishing, but the numbers are dropping.

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Yellowtail horse mackerel are pretty much everywhere, and that is one reason they are such a great live bait for kingfish.

If you have the slightest interest in what is hiding under the surface of the New Zealand ocean, lakes and rivers, this is the book for you.

Kahawai is by far our favourite bait for kingfish. With a big rigged kahawai swimming around, the kingfish won’t be too far behind.

Out of all the fish Milan has chased around the world the Yellowtail Kingfish draws him back for more.

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