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The fish are out feeding in the shallows and Nathan and Lubin are fooling them with their fly rods.

Milan and Nathan are trying out micro-lure fishing for snapper in the mangroves, and the fish are keen to play.

Nathan and Lubin are on the hunt for big fish from the kayaks. It’s the keen angler’s game and the big snapper are there to play.

Big and strong trevallies test the guys to the max and even bigger snapper push them to their limit.

Milan and Nathan have big fish plans circling in their heads while searching for new fishing spots along a remote coastline in the Far North.

Milan and Nathan are fishing ninja style, wading a small sandbar inside the harbour scouting for snapper.

We love fishing and know that there's only one way to keep the fisheries of today as good as, and ideally even better, for the future anglers.

This is the most magic scenario: tailing snapper on a glassy day followed by massive pressure waves aiming for the fly.

What makes Skutes so efficient? Why did Nathan end up the shed with lots of bling and feathers? Read about it here.

Milan and Nathan are fishing in Big Snapper country, but who catches the biggest one?

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