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We love fishing and know that there's only one way to keep the fisheries of today as good as, and ideally even better, for the future anglers.

Milan and Nathan get harassed by a huge shark, so Nathan volunteers to fight back.

Josh Cochrane, our UW cam guy, has caught some incredible images this year. Join him and a mate as they encountered a group of blue sharks.

Dillon's one true wish was to go fishing with Big Angry Fish! Make-A-Wish NZ got hold of us, and plans were made.

The day brings hectic stickbaiting sessions, surface feeding kingfish and double hookups until Milan spots an enormous shark. 

Milan and Nathan take WRC rally driver Hayden Paddon for his first-ever fishing trip. Both the fish and Hayden are up for a lesson. 

“It must be the hardest way to catch a fish?!” Yes, but it’s also the best challenge, the most visual and just so much fun.

Nathan sneaks off for a day of shark fishing, and before hitting the water he goes through all the details of rigging up for sharks.

Milan is going shallow water fishing with the new approach: big bait - big fish.

Milan and Nathan went out livebaiting for kingfish. The day's fishing turned out to be a Coromandel Grand Slam!

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