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Sri Lanka, Ahoy!... Know what you're doing when you're out on the water, and get home safe.

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You never know what might happen out at sea... Check You Gear and avoid any nagging thoughts that something might not be up to scratch.

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There's a moth in the prop... Prep Your Boat before heading out first time of the season.

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One simple thing saves the most boaties’ lives – wearing a lifejacket. There are three other simple steps worth taking:

Without our big drift chute, we wouldn't have caught half the fish. Learn how to use the drift chute for some super efficient fishing.

Nathan sneaks off for a day of shark fishing, and before hitting the water he goes through all the details of rigging up for sharks.

Our adventure starts on a shaky flight from Panama to Coiba Island where we're targeting cubera snapper, roosterfish and big yellowfin tuna.

Landbased fishing in the mangroves brings us back to the basics of fishing, and very close to some trophy snapper in knee-deep water.

Once the trevally arrive in feeding mode, it's all action stations and there are screaming reels all over the cockpit.

The plan is to go landbased in the pursuit of spring time run of kingfish, but we soon have to come up with Plan B, C and...

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