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Lubin is fly fishing the flats in far North Queensland and the fishing is incredible. Danger lurks and one guide gets the fright of his life, when the unexpected happens.

Here, everything is wild. It is just you, your mates and the skipper, nothing else except tons of fish and miles of the most insane looking coral reef.

Milan and Nathan are chasing big angry fish in Vanuatu – and they get a real run for their money.

Milan and Nathan are visiting Vanuatu – and hook into a real Big and Angry one!

Milan is across the ditch in high hopes of finding the mighty Murray River cod, while Nathan is left at home to sort out the new truck and boat.

When big catfish are involved, every rumour has to be checked out, no matter how unusual they sound.

It was Milan’s third day of casting without even a take, when a dinosaur suddenly ripped him out of his casting trance.

My fellow angler looked in the water: Look, a dolphin! Our guide corrected him and told us that it was a 200lbs tarpon!

The fishing along the Northern Reef of Palau is very cool, and very hard... Targeting GTs and snapper species in vivid colours.

Kangaroos, spiders and sunbathing kingfish. Milan is in Australia fishing the Aussie Style.

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