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After the biggest defeat in Big Angry Fish history, Milan is back to complete his unfinished business with the Kawhia heavyweight fighters.

After a cruisy time in the calm of the harbour catching snapper, Milan ends in an explosive battle with a feisty king.

Milan and Nathan are fishing for the big ones and they get exactly what they ask for.

Nathan invites Milan out fishing and things almost goes to plan as big fish are hooked, but not always landed.

The fish are out feeding in the shallows and Nathan and Lubin are fooling them with their fly rods.

Milan and Nathan are off on the annual big fish hunt but find themselves reefed, busted off and generally outsmarted by the Coro Kings.

We love fishing and know that there's only one way to keep the fisheries of today as good as, and ideally even better, for the future anglers.

Lubin has found a way to upgrade the Sluggo for it to get strong enough for the big and angry ones.

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Milan meets an unlucky and lonely Australian angler – and invites him out fishing for the day.

Milan and Nathan are fishing in Big Snapper country, but who catches the biggest one?

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