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Milan and Lubin are out testing their new kayaks, and both kingfish and snapper come in for a play.

Here’s the new Must-Have accessory for your kayak, or the deciding factor why you should get a kayak now: The Bixpy, a tiny yet powerful microjet mounted on the kayak rudder.

Nathan and Lubin are on the hunt for big fish from the kayaks. It’s the keen angler’s game and the big snapper are there to play.

Kayaking is normally done with a paddle – but both Milan and Nathan get towed around!

Milan and Nathan are exploring Aotea Harbour in their kayaks. The place looks void of life at first glance, but persistence pays off big time.

The team has split up: Nathan is in pursuit of his dream to catching a marlin, and Milan is going Back to Basics.

When in a kayak, you want to be able to move around on the water fast and comfortably -and to bring all your gear in a smart way.

On the quest to catch a big kingfish from a kayak, Milan and Nathan’s skills seems to fall short, until something takes Milan for a free ride.

The 1m+ swell was greeting Milan and Grant from Viking Kayaks, adding a challenge to their day out.

The shallow water winter kingfish are very spooky, but there's a simple trick to fool them...

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