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Lubin is fly fishing the flats in far North Queensland and the fishing is incredible. Danger lurks and one guide gets the fright of his life, when the unexpected happens.

The fish are out feeding in the shallows and Nathan and Lubin are fooling them with their fly rods.

This is the most magic scenario: tailing snapper on a glassy day followed by massive pressure waves aiming for the fly.

Carp on fly is not everyone's cup of tea but Lubin shows why it should be and how to do it.

To protect yourself from sun, rain and gnarly weather, the Simms clothing range has it all -and waterproof packs too.

Nathan has gone solo with his fly rod – and the big snapper in the shallows better look out!

Win a Simms Sun Protection Prize Pack, complete with sun sleeves, gaiter, gloves and a top. Enter the competition here:                                      

Milan and Nathan are on fly fishing adventure in the shallow of the harbour, seeing what’s hiding on the eel grass flats.

For targeting marlin, kingfish or kahawai on the fly, this is the saltwater fly fishing gear to go for.

The fish are begging to be caught, so it would be rude not to! The challenge starts as Nathan brings out his fly-fishing gear.

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