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Using marine electronics has never been this easy! 

Milan and his injured foot pulled a few good fish over the rails of Savoy, but this was nothing compared to what Nathan encountered on an exposed point few miles away.

5 mins from Tauranga boat ramp and Milan and Nathan are hooked up on something big and angry. Later, it’s shark fishing 1on1.

Milan & Nathan head off in search of Great Barrier big snapper, and finishes off with some rod-bending winter hapuka.

The fish are begging to be caught, so it would be rude not to! The challenge starts as Nathan brings out his fly-fishing gear.

Milan and Nathan have two days of incredible fishing: big snapper, huge trevally and the first ever known jumping kingfish!

In a quiet kahawai fishing moment, hell breaks loose as the kingfish move in for a look. Then a marlin… 

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A record size kingfish is pulled from the depths, while the defeated Team Hawky Ding-Dong watch the action in disbelief.

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Is "catching kingfish in water so shallow I don’t get my shorts wet" on your wish list? Read on as Milan walks you through a game plan.

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