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Milan and Nathan get harassed by a huge shark, so Nathan volunteers to fight back.

Milan and Nathan are chasing big angry fish in Vanuatu – and they get a real run for their money.

Milan and Nathan are visiting Vanuatu – and hook into a real Big and Angry one!

The team has split up: Nathan is in pursuit of his dream to catching a marlin, and Milan is going Back to Basics.

Milan & Nathan packs up for a winter trip –with outriggers. The little mackerels trolled on the outriggers work as kingfish lollipops!

Milan & Nathan head off in search of Great Barrier big snapper, and finishes off with some rod-bending winter hapuka.

Starting off with a tranquil evening fish, the setting changes dramatically the following day with game fishing excitement and big angry fish.

Bonze once asked if we would help develop a lure for catching kingfish. He knew we’d say yes, and short after the first prototype showed up.

In a quiet kahawai fishing moment, hell breaks loose as the kingfish move in for a look. Then a marlin… 

Josh Cochrane, our UW cam guy, has caught some incredible images this year. Join him and a mate as they encountered a group of blue sharks.

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