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Once the trevally arrive in feeding mode, it's all action stations and there are screaming reels all over the cockpit.

Learn how to improve your hook-up rate by working your berley effectively instead of just dumping the smelly stuff overboard.

Fishing with berley can easily turn into a messy job. By using wobbly pots, you gain full control over your berley bomb.

Winter has truly set in. The fish are feeding less and less, and they are getting very picky about what they will eat and proving a real challenge to sink a hook into.

Shallow water fishing for kingfish in the Coromandel would have to be my most favorite form of fishing. There's not a lot of fish, so you really have to work for it. That's the challenge!

Getting back into the harbour is just fantastic: you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on gas, it is flat sheltered water and there are massive fish waiting to suck down your baits!

This time, we're in the pristine Far North straylining for snapper and successfully working the berley trail.

How cool is it to catch trophy kingfish 2 minutes from the boat ramp, burning 5 liters of fuel on a day’s fishing and not having to bounce through big waves all day long?!

Targeting kingfish in Coromandel shallow water is one of our favourites. This is where Milan got really hooked on the shallow water fishing, so this makes it a natural starting point for our fishing show.

Big Angry Fish was born a cold morning, 3 miles off North Cape in the middle of winter. We had driven through the night from Tauranga to arrive at the Far North. Our plan was to fish the shallow waters over the next four days, trying to find some massive fish, hiding out in the winterless north.

The first morning was an early start. Situated over a shallow reef pumping berley, we caught massive snapper one after another with several fish over 20lbs.

With the current slowing down, we moved around to North Cape, where the waters were churning with fish: massive trevally, huge kingfish, the place was just on fire!

With live-baits only lasting seconds before they got eaten, we were catching some amazing kingfish. Finally we just stopped and looked at each other, "We should be filming this; we got to show people how insane this fishing is".

From that moment on, we started up the motor, put the boat back on the trailer and spent the next 9 hours driving home talking about our new business plan.

Fish on Film

Four years on, and four years smarter, we entered into the TV industry and the world of sponsorship. What an incredible journey it has been. It's not just the fishing you need to be good at. It's the business side of things that we worked hard on.

With the company set up, we set out to purchase a small fortune of camera and computer equipment, learnt to use it all and how to put the whole thing together.

From there on it was a whirlwind of meetings, finding new contacts and slowly making everybody see the dream we wanted to bring to your TV sets.

Finally we had broken the mold, got the TV slot, found our supports to share our dream. The dream became a reality and "Big Angry Fish" is born. Holy kingfish, what a journey! Enjoy.

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