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Milan and Nathan are off on the annual big fish hunt but find themselves reefed, busted off and generally outsmarted by the Coro Kings.

One question we receive a lot is “How to rig a live bait for kingfish?” 

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It's the last live bait I would stick on my hook, but Nathan has had great success with it on kingfish. Maybe it's just a matter of an open mind?

Mullet live forever in a live bait tank, they are strong swimmers and I have never seen a kingfish turn down a mullet live bait.

One question we receive a lot is “How to rig a livebait for kingfish?”

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Yellowtail horse mackerel are pretty much everywhere, and that is one reason they are such a great live bait for kingfish.

Kahawai is by far our favourite bait for kingfish. With a big rigged kahawai swimming around, the kingfish won’t be too far behind.

On the quest to catch a big kingfish from a kayak, Milan and Nathan’s skills seems to fall short, until something takes Milan for a free ride.

Glenn from Brave Designs had a dream to catch a BIG kingfish. With a PB of 18kg, we decided to give it a try to find him something bigger.

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The shallow water winter kingfish are very spooky, but there's a simple trick to fool them...

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