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Simms Clothing

To protect yourself from sun, rain and gnarly weather, the Simms clothing range has it all -and waterproof packs too.

SimmsSolarflexRange BigAngryFish2


Applying sunscreen all day is a pain, especially when you forget to. The Simms Solarflex range include following lightweight, quick drying and UPF50 gear:
Simms Solarflex Sun Top
Simms Solarflex Sun Gloves
Simms Solarflex Sun Face/Neck Gaiter


SimmsRogueFleeceHoody BIGANGRYFISH2 


Whether you're in the outdoors or on the street, the Simms Rogue Fleece Hoodie is the Big Angry Fish team's all-round favourite to keep you warm. 


SimmsChallengerJacketBib BigAngryFish2 


During winter or any windy/rainy day, the Simms wet weather gear is just mean. The high collar on the Simms Challenger Jacket keep out all exploring raindrops, and if you add the Simms Challenger Bib you are just bulletproof. Both jacket and bib are lightweight and allow full mobility, so you can focus on the fishing.


SimmsDryCreekPack BigAngryFish


For adventures in the rain or forgetting to stash your bag in the dry spot on the boat, the Simms Dry Creek Pack won't let you or your gear down. For our landbased fishing, these bags are super handy. If you can't decide what to bring and therefore chose to take it all, the Simms Dry Creek Roll Top Back Pack would be your choice. If you're into travelling light (or bring a mule), the Simms Dry Creek Roll Top Hip Pack is all you need.


Find your local stockist here:

New Zealand: https://www.manictackleproject.com/simms-nz-dealers/

Australia: https://www.manictackleproject.com/simms-australia-dealers/

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#3 Jane 2019-10-27 15:10
What about those sun protective tights? Really want a pair!! - who do you source these through? Thanks!
#2 Big Angry Fish 2019-02-12 17:34
Hi Shane. Sorry your message has totally slipped our attention!! If you're still on the hunt for some shades, head to http://www.spotters.com.au/
#1 Shane obrien 2018-10-16 16:28
Where do your sunglasses come from?

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