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When in a kayak, you want to be able to move around on the water fast and comfortably -and to bring all your gear in a smart way.

Profish Reload

The Fastest fishing kayak in our fleet making trolling lures easy and exploring those far off uncharted grounds an exciting adventure.

Viking Kayak Profish Reload


- Superior stability provides you with the confidence to target big fish
- The Reload Tackle Pod™ system offers the ease and speed of ‘Load and Go’ 
- A Large front hatch offers storage for additional gear such as kayak trolleys and dry bags.
- The optional Kid Pod™ system enables you to share the fun and excitement of kayak fishing with your children.
- Scalloped sides for improved paddle strokes
The handy bait wells behind the seat can also be used as a convenient place for drink bottles
Large recessed side handles make lifting and loading the Reload so much easier
The nicely flared bow diverts water in choppy conditions
The innovative ‘Rod Slots’ along the bow allow you to securely lay down your fishing rods -  ideal when coming and going through surf


4.5m length - 
75cm width
 - 31kg weight
 - 200kg carrying capacity

Profish 400

The Profish 400 Lite sets comfort, performance, and stability benchmarks for all fishing kayaks. Anglers chose the Profish 400 for it's light weight and maneuverability.

Viking Kayak Profish 400


- Large rear well that also accepts the Chill Pod
Centre well with polycarbonate cover and bait board

- Brass inserts in front of cockpit for adjustable rod holders

- 2x Access hatches

- 6x Rod holders


4.1m length
 - 78cm width
 - 25kg weight
 - 175kg carrying capacity
 - 18 litre tackle station
 - 10/10 stability rating

Profish GT

This is our "4WD" fishing kayak. The turned down chine's and plenty of rocker enhances surfing performance for those paddling off ocean beaches. The design of the hull & flattened foot well area offer perfect platform for stand up surface casting.

Viking Kayak Profish GT


- Amazing stability, even when laden with loads of tackle and the days catch
- Vikings unique Reload Tackle Pod fitted as standard.
- Large rear well with storage options
- Front mounted oval hatch for extra storage space.
- Centre well with clear cover and bait board, the perfect tackle station and mounting area for fish finders
- 4 x flush mount rod holders
- Paddle holder
- 1x 6" storage hatch with removable bucket
- Propelz fisherman seat
- Propelz Fibreglass Speed paddle


3.6m length - 
82cm width - 
27kg weight - 
175kg carrying capacity

Twin Tackle Pod - with pump

The new Twin Tackle Pod combines a Live bait tank at one end and a dry tackle storage compartment at the other. 

Viking Kayak Twin Pod

Running Rig

Adjustable Multi Fit Kayak Running Rig (Anchor Trolley). Will fit any kayak.

Viking Kayak Running Rig

Drift Chute

Genuine Stephen Tapp Design Drift Chute/Drogue/Sea Anchor. The large float on the end prevents the Drift Chute from sinking down too far and makes it much easier to retrieve. The stainless steel ring on the attachment cords slides to prevent the chute collapsing in choppy conditions.

Viking Kayak Drift Chute

Insulated Cover

Insulated, White PVC Soft Cover for the rear well of your Profish 400, Reload GT or Replay Kayak. You will find this rear cover a great way to keep your fish covered and stored in the rear well of your Profish. Designed with a rear pocket to store your drift chute when not in use.

Viking Kayak Insulated Cover

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