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Never underestimate the importance of using a good anchor on your boat for safe and dependable anchoring.

Safety first

The Manson Boss anchor is the ultimate safety device; with its dual shank anchoring system, it is designed to operate in all seabeds so whether you’re fishing or settling in for the night, you can rest easy knowing you and your fellow fishers will be held securely and safely in even the roughest of seas.

Immediate setting

The Manson Boss anchor’s wing design digs into the seabed quickly anchoring you into your perfect fishing spot. Whether your offshore or inshore, the reinforced toe provides an extremely strong forward section of the anchor which attacks the seabed and quickly sets, giving you more time to focus on reeling in that Big Angry Fish!


Extreme holding power

We know how important holding power is in New Zealand’s ever-changing weather, so the team at Manson Anchors have engineered The Manson Boss anchor with an even higher holding power meaning you can rest assured that your anchor will hold whatever the weather.

Dual Shank Anchoring

The Manson Boss has two modes of operation which allows a safe and secure anchorage in any conditions. The Preventor is used to switch between the standard anchor setting and a sliding shank anchor setting. Simply loosen The Preventor and move to the opposite end of the shank and tighten on the alternative dock to change between modes.


If your anchor becomes caught in rocks the long slot mode allows the shackle to slide forward and pull the anchor out from the front, making for an easy retrieval - like removing a fish hook!

When using the short slot mode, the anchor will remain buried even with major wind shifts and in extreme wind conditions. It is ideal for anchorage in all sand, mud, weed and grass conditions making it a great multi-purpose anchor for New Zealand’s ever-changing and harsh weather conditions.

Brand, quality, workmanship

Fully owned and operated in New Zealand with over 40 years leading the engineering and innovative design of top quality anchors, Manson is a name that you can trust to keep you safe out on the waters so you can bring that catch home!

Lifetime Guarantee

All Boss anchors are guaranteed for life against breakage.
**Damage by deformation or bending is not covered by this guarantee.


For information regarding this anchor or any of our anchors, please don’t hesitate to give us a call or send us an email. Our friendly and knowledgeable team will be able to help with any query you may have.

Ph: +64 09 835 0968





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