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If you want to fish Big Angry Fish style, this is how you do it:

Bixpy Microjet

Here’s the new Must-Have accessory for your kayak, or the deciding factor why you should get a kayak now: The Bixpy, a tiny yet powerful microjet mounted on the kayak rudder.

Tristram 600 Inshore - Shelby

With lots of hours spent waiting for the fish to bite, Milan and Nathan have had endless discussions on what the ultimate Big Angry Fish inshore vessel has to be like.

Tristram 701 Offshore - Siyanda

If you know Milan and Nathan, the deep blue isn't exactly their comfort zone but the Tristram 701 Offshore is about to change just that.

Safer Boating

One simple thing saves the most boaties’ lives – wearing a lifejacket. There are three other simple steps worth taking:

Marine Electronics

Using marine electronics has never been this easy! 

Automatic Boat Loader

The ABL 2500 automates the launch and retrieval of your trailer boat. It can be fitted to your new or existing trailer.


When in a kayak, you want to be able to move around on the water fast and comfortably -and to bring all your gear in a smart way.

Luxury Charters

Moored at the Viaduct, Auckland, The Savoy is a Luxury Charter Yacht fully equipped to handle cruises, fishing charters, parties and getaway charters.

Simms Clothing

To protect yourself from sun, rain and gnarly weather, the Simms clothing range has it all -and waterproof packs too.

Fly Fishing Rods & Reels

For targeting marlin, kingfish or kahawai on the fly, this is the saltwater fly fishing gear to go for.


Never underestimate the importance of using a good anchor on your boat for safe and dependable anchoring.

Hills Hats

The hats seen on Big Angry Fish are almost getting more popular than the guys wearing them!

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