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Hello Visitor,


It’s been a busy summer here in Camp Big Angry Fish.

The pressure has been on to get everything filmed in time, as our coming Season 8 will air a couple of months earlier than usual. To add to the pressure, Milan welcomed a baby girl to the family too. It’s still too early to tell whether she’ll take on dad’s angling skills or just aim for the hairstyle…


The filming of Big Angry Fish Season 8 is just about complete, only a few more weeks to go, so now it's over to Ryan in the production room to get everything ready for the New Zealand TV launch Sunday 5pm on 16th June 2019 on Three 

Season 8 will start airing in Aussie Land around October 2019.


Meanwhile, Big Angry Fish Season 7 is on repeats in both New Zealand and Australia:

NZ Three: Sunday 11am
AU 7mate: Sunday 6.30am
(please double-check with your local TV Guide)


Enjoy the holidays and remember to wear your lifejacket & bring a VHF when on the water!

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Here’s the new Must-Have accessory for your kayak, or the deciding factor why you should get a kayak now: The Bixpy, a tiny yet powerful microjet mounted on the kayak rudder.


The Bixpy microjet motor can power you along at up to 10kph, although the best way to use it is as a paddle assist so you can extend your range from 10km to 25km+!


Stay on the spot hands-free while fishing, taking photos or get a power-boost when paddling against current or wind. That’s what the Bixpy does amazingly, and more:


Meet Bixpy here!