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  00 BigAngryFish255x35 Newsletter n°77 - November 2019  

Hello Visitor,


It's ready - it's here! Well, almost...


The new Season 6 is just about to air in New Zealand: Sundays 5pm on TV3 from 30/7 2017.

The Australia broadcasting begins from November 2017.


We're super excited about a whole new season where we're chasing anything Big that pulls hard! Keen for a sneak peek?


Watch Sn 6 intro here

Big Angry Fish just got Bigger!

Introducing Lubin Pfeiffer, our new Australian addition to the Big Angry Fish Team!


Lubin has impressed us big time with his consistent stream of photos of Big Angry Fish, his fishing skills, videos, online channel and articles in Australian magazines, so we thought, why not make him part of the team? We asked him, kindly, and he said Yes!


Over the coming season, you'll see Lubin's face and catches appear on Big Angry Fish Facebook, Instagram and in an episode of Season 6.


Welcome aboard, Lubin!


Read more here

Chasing the Monster

Milan is chasing the lonesome Monster of the cold waters, searching for ways to lure it in and onto the hook.


Over the next couple of weeks on Big Angry Fish Facebook and Instagram, we'll share the full story and photos of the winter chase, which brings Milan from East to West and North to South.


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