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  00 BigAngryFish255x35 Newsletter n°75 - February 2020  
  Safer Boating Week  

Hello Visitor,


It's time to dust off your boat and get summer-ready!


Keep an eye on Big Angry Fish website and Facebook to watch the videos we've made with Maritime NZ.

You just have to watch them. We think the videos are a laugh (consider this a warning...) and they show the few simple things you can do to eliminate that nagging feeling that something might not be quite up to speed with your boat, gear or your boating knowledge.


Prep Your Boat, Check Your Gear, Know The Rules - and get into the fishing!

Watch the videos this coming week



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[video] Live Baiting with Balloons

This is the last video in the series “How to rig a live bait for kingfish?”

Nathan has been in the shed, rigging up baits for deep water, trolling and this time, how to rig up with balloons. 


Watch it here




Big Angry Fish Season 1 to 3

Gone are the days where we sold DVDs, but now you can get access to all Big Angry Fish episodes from Season 1 to 3 on


Watch it here



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The Yellow Eyed Mullet 

Milan declares that it's the last type of live bait he would use, but Nathan seems to have great success using the little herring on the kingfish.

Learn more and try it out.


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  BigAngryFish WIN3


Josh Ellis from Onehunga ran off with the three Daiwa reels.

Best of luck for a good season's fishing, mate. Hope to see some photos of your Big Angry Fish!