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Hello Visitor,

Get ready for Sunday 5pm on TV3!

Big Angry Fish is back in New Zealand with an epic season of hour-long episodes, brought to you by Fujitsu Heat Pumps.
The fishing will be as spectacular as always, following Milan and Nathan on their never ending hunt for trophy fish in the New Zealand and Australian harbours, rivers and coastlines.


The season kicks off with Milan travelling across the ditch in high hopes of finding the mighty Murray River cod, while Nathan is left at home to set up the new Big Angry Fish boat, Techno Viking.

The following twelve episodes follow Milan and Nathan in New Zealand, targeting species from trout to hapuka and everything in between, as long as it is big!


To our Ozzie friends; we are still working on getting Season 4 on air in Australia. As soon as we have any news, we’ll let you know.

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Baltic Winner 150 Life jackets GIVE-AWAY

To celebrate our new season, we’ll give away two Baltic Winner 150 lifejackets with the Big Angry Fish logo!


Whenever in the boat, kayak or fishing off the rocks, we always wear lifejackets.

The Baltic Winner 150 lifejacket is so comfy, that it has simply become second nature to always put it on.

Get It On, or It’s No Good! 

Submit your entry here


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WIN a Fishing Trip with Big Angry Fish

This is your chance to come along for a day’s fishing with us, -but you have to earn it: Make the best one minute video that shows why you always wear your lifejacket.


Based of humour, creativity and that important safety message – Get It On, we will select the top three videos produced, and Maritime New Zealand will make the final call on who is going fishing with us.


For more information, watch the show on Sunday 5pm on TV3, get creative, get filming  … and make sure you wear your lifejacket!