Big Angry Fish Season 2 and 3 DVDs are out!

  140904-BAF255x35 Newsletter n°40 - February 2020  

Hello Visitor,

It's now, it's here: Season 2 and 3 DVDs are out!

As a thanks to all our followers for your feedback and support, we have set up a super Pre-Order Special: get the 2 DVDs for only NZ$59.99 (25% off)! ORDER HERE


The offer only lasts a week, so don't miss out. We expect the DVDs to be ready for delivery from the 19th November 2014. From that same date, we'll sell all our DVDs for NZ$39.99 each, or the whole bunch (3 Seasons, 3 double DVDs) for NZ$107.96.


The Daiwa Saltiga Heir has been found!

Derek Brewster is the One! Currently based in Australia, our Kiwi heir is looking forward to a summer's fishing with the Reel of All Reels. We hope to get lots of photos of your impressive catches!


May the Mighty Saltiga be with you, mate!


Big Angry Fish & Mazda BT50

Meet our new Big Angry Fish Mazda BT50 on our website, or visit the bea-ute at John Andrew Mazda showroom in Grey Lynn, Auckland.

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Fishing Trip Winners

Karinia and Mike, winners of the Hutchwilco Boat Show 2014 fishing trip, were keen to try shallow water fishing Big Angry Fish style.


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FlyGuy's Tarpon Expedition

My fellow angler looked in the water: Look, a dolphin! Our guide corrected him and told us that it was a 200lbs tarpon!


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Fishing with Berley

Learn how to improve your hook-up rate by working your berley effectively instead of just dumping the smelly stuff overboard.


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