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Hi Visitor

Thanks for your support and feedback during our first season on TV3. Very soon, a double DVD with all 13 episodes will hit the market. Watch this space!

We're just about to start the filming of season 2, so we're looking forward to get on the water and hunt some big angry fish. Meanwhile:

The Kiwi Fisherman's Guide to Life

KiwiBookA new book has hit the NZ book stores: The Kiwi Fisherman's Guide to Life, featuring amongst others big angry fish host Milan Radonich. Written by Ian Chapman and Mike Rendle.

Each story is accompanied by stunning photographs bringing to life the excitement and adventure of fishing.

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Book Give-Away

We've got 6 copies of The Kiwi Fisherman's Guide to Life for give-away!!
To go into the draw to win a book:
Send us an email with your name and NZ mailing address, and "The Kiwi Fishermans Guide To Life" in the subject field to before 6pm Friday 28th September 2012.
The 6 winners will be announced on our website Monday 1st October 2012.

Meet the team at Auckland Boat Show 2012

Auckland2012The team from PlaceMakers Big Angry Fish will be there on Friday 28th, and so will one of our new boats for season 2: an Extreme Boat 540 center console, custom decked-out in true big angry fish style with some amazing paintwork, too. You can't miss it!

Gillplate Magazine Sept 2012

2012-09GPGillplate Magazine is out, ready for download.
Read about the latest news and adventures in New Zealand and overseas.

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That's all from us at PlaceMakers Big Angry Fish. Enjoy the fishing,

Milan Radonich, Nikolaj Mathiesen & Nathan O'Hearn
and the rest of Team Big Angry Fish

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