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Winter Kings from Kayak

The shallow water winter kingfish are very spooky, but there's a simple trick to fool them...

Catching kings in the shallows out of a kayak is something everybody that loves fishing should experience. It's a work-out and a challenge to hook and land fish giving you great satisfaction with every kingfish landed. The kayaks have really started to show there true colours over the last 6 months of fishing as it's their silence in the water that allows you the opportunity to hook large numbers of kingfish.

The kingfish in the shallows are very spooky at the moment, to the point that if you fish for them out of the boat with the motor on or even close to the school, you will catch nothing. Paddling in quietly while slowly towing a live mackerel behind the kayak is resulting in some incredible results. The kayak has no foot print in the water and very little noise giving the kingfish the insurance that they can go about their business devouring any baitfish that looks out of place. If you want to catch kings at the moment, get in your kayak and have some fun.

Stephen from Viking Kayaks developed a live bait pod for my kayak, and now I have the ability to catch all the bait I want and then concentrate on catching kings. It has transformed kayak fishing for me and has made the kayak one of the more effective tools for catching shallow water winter kings.

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#1 david 2015-12-25 00:48
were is this spot
nothing like this in aussie waters

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