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[video] The Alive Rig

The "Alive Rig" allows you to fish you bait down the entire length of the water column, not just sending it plummeting to the ocean floor. 

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I spend hours in the shed mucking around with all our gear, trying to come up with different/better ways to catch fish. The “Alive Rig" is one of my favourite little creations and it has proven to work (a lot haven't ha ha).

It's a really fun way to fish! It's very very simple, you can make it at home before you head out on the water.

NOTE.... I believe the main reason why the Alive Rig catches fish, is because you are fishing the pilchard down the entire length of the water column, not just sending your bait plummeting to the bottom of the ocean.

Even though snappers are known as a bottom fish, I often catch snapper mid water and even higher, and these catches seem to be the bigger fish too. At the end of the day, snapper are a predator fish! So when it comes to choosing a suitable weight to make your "Alive Rig", the longer it takes to swim your pilchard to the bottom (with out being silly) the better.

Start off with a small length of braid and tie it to a suitable sinker. Then tie a 3 turn uni knot, this makes the loop you put over the hook. Then tie a couple of granny knots in the braid. The uni knot will slip a bit of line and the granny knot will stop it slipping right off.

Then leave 30mm or so and tie a bunch of knots (little handle) to make it easy to loosen the uni knot to get the rig off the hook.
When snapper fishing we use Mustard Penetrator 9/0 and Mustard Demon Circle 8/0 hooks, or bigger! No point catching undersize fish and potentially killing our future stocks.



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#7 Ralph Brown 2016-04-08 14:18
On one of your recent episodes you showed a gizmo that attaches to the rod and sets the hook for you when a fish pulls at the line. What are they called and where can I buy them?
I live in Brisbane and love your show.
Cheers Ralph Brown.
#6 Tranner Dee 2015-03-30 21:14
Thankyou Milan for your comment,i will let you know how i go in catching the BIG RED in SA. Tranner.
#5 Big Angry Fish 2015-03-30 14:59
I must say Tranner Dee, it's always nice getting emails from you, and I'm glad it fulfills your memories of yester years. Hope you have a good move and catch lots of Big Snapper. Milan
#4 Tranner Dee 2015-03-29 14:36
I have always love whatching BIG ANGRY FISH in Australia but most times they show the show and cut it off and show crappy ifish.BIG ANGRY FISH is special for me as i am a kiwi as your show reminds me of my home ,i hav'ent seen for thirty years and miss it very much.I'm moving to South australia after April to chase the BIG RED,Like milin&nathan I LOVE THOSE TWO.Tranner Dee.
#3 Graham Russell 2015-03-02 06:24
Thanks Brad for the expert fishing/bait rig advice. Oh yes, ANY more fishing tips would be appreciated. Thanking you in advance. I just love watching your TV show as we are based in Sydney. Cheers guys.
#2 Big Angry Fish 2015-02-20 09:28
Awesome! Thanks Brad
#1 Brad King 2015-02-19 11:08
Absolutely love the show weather its on a boat or off the land you guys rock

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