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[video] Solo Marlin & Rigging with Bonze

Watch the videos about Bonze, the Kiwi legend behind Bonze Lures: Solo Marlin Fishing and How to Rig for Marlin Fishing.

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Bonze is a Kiwi legend when it comes to marlin fishing. He's a wealth of experience, and he is the man behind Bonze Lures, the marlin lures used by an increasing number of captains, mates and anglers around the globe.

As in any fishing, going solo or with a bunch of mates, the preparation is key for a succesful day. You can't control the fish, tide or weather but you can sort yourself out and get everything set up right in case all the planets line up for that one big one..

Here, Bonze will take you through two rigging videos showing you how he prepared for his solo trip.

Rigging with Bonze part 1

Rigging with Bonze part 2



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