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[video] Nomad Coral Sea Experience

Here, everything is wild. It is just you, your mates and the skipper, nothing else except tons of fish and miles of the most insane looking coral reef.

Earlier this year, Lubin and I got invited to join a group of likeminded individuals to fish the Northern end of the Great Barrier Reef in a place called Pandora.

I have a huge problem with seasickness and being 120nm from safe haven, for 6 days, with no land in sight had its fair share of issues painting scenarios in my mind. But, positive thinking prevailed and it was too good an opportunity to turn down. Off we went.

Base camp for the trip was Odyssey, a custom build 80ft cat, and it was well set up for this type of adventure. The logistics around these remote expeditions are extensive. It’s not just getting one boat out there, but 5 boats, 12 anglers and an incredible crew to a destination that is basically in the middle of absolutely nowhere.

One of the best parts of the trip was when we were on top of the reef and heading towards a blue hole (deep hole in the middle of the reef surrounded by coral), and Damon said to us, “You guys could quite possibly be the first anglers ever to fish this hole". That statement pretty much summed up the trip and the location: it was isolated, untouched and the fish life was just out of this world insane.

My goal for the trip was a Giant Napoleon Wrasse. This is a protected species in a lot of places around the world, so you can't target them, but do catch them on the odd occasion if they happen to eat a surface lure.
These fish would have to be the most amazing fish that live on the reef due to their colour, artwork on their scales, size and just sheer awesomeness. If there was one fish in the ocean to catch, this was it.
Both Lubin and I managed to land a big one each, but that came with 6 days of hard casting, and a huge amount of fish in between.

For me the trip was an eye opener. You look at a map and see Cape York Peninsula and you think it looks big, but in reality it’s massive. Huge in fact.

When I travel overseas to fish I want an adventure so I try to find cool fish that live in hard to reach places. This trip, I thought, was just going to be a charter but it turned out way more than that. It was a full blown adventure into a wild and untapped part of the world. Here, everything is wild, and while you are fishing, it is just you, your mates and the skipper, nothing else except tons of fish and miles of the most insane looking coral reef.

Nomad Sportfishing Adventures make it possible for anglers to head to such a stunning but very hostile part of the world, and to fish in about as comfortable conditions as you could ever get, considering you are.
It’s truly a testament to Damon and the team that run the business, as they have designed a world class operation that brings you to a pocket of the world, which most of us will never get the opportunity to enjoy.

Go to Nomad Sportfishing Adventures for more information

-Milan Radonich

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