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[video] Knots - Mono

The stretchy mono allows some strong knots but the thick quality demands extra attention when selecting which knot to use.

Heavy mono to swivel, lure or hook

We are a bit 50/50 on this connection. Try either the 5-turn uniknot or a 5-turn clinch knot. Some monos prefer the uniknot as the mono might be very supple and will deform on the last 2-3cm before the actual knot. If it does this, use a 5-turn uniknot and problem is solved.

Clinch knot

There are heavy monos out there that will break too easy on a uniknot though, usually the harder monos, and you will have to use a clinch knot. Best thing to do is tie you rig to a fence post and pull until it breaks on both knots. Use the strongest one.

Mono to fluorocarbon leader

Slim Beauty knot
When we are straylining for snapper it’s important to have two to three feet of fluorocarbon leader. For our snapper set-ups we run both 10kg and a 15kg set. For both of them we use 45lb fluorocarbon trace tied to the mono with a Slim Beauty knot.
This knot is 100% bullet proof when tied correctly and a very slim-line knot that doesn’t spook fish or gets caught in the reef very easily.

Tie a figure 8 in the 45lb fluorocarbon. Insert the end of your line into the figure 8 and out again lying alongside the long end of the trace, giving yourself 15cm of mono to finish off with. Lube the figure 8 and pull it up tight, but not super tight yet. Go 4 times around the 45lb trace and then 3 times back over itself and end up going through the loop in the mono. Pull in the main line till tight and finish off by pulling the figure 8 up hard. Trim tag ends and enjoy!

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