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[video] Knots - Braid

Braid is the best choice when it comes to livebaiting and casting.

The advantages of braid is that it has absolutely no stretch which makes it ideal for long casting and you can fight a big fish a lot harder with no stretch in the line. Compared to mono, the braid is immensely strong for its thickness which allows more line capacity on reels.

Braid to swivel, lure or hook - Clinch Knot

The clinch knot is basically the only knot used with braid. It is a connection that fails for some, unfortunately most often when the trophy fish strikes!
A 22-turn improved clinch knot is 100% bullet proof when tied correctly. The knot has to be lubricated and pulled up slowly, to form a neat, slim knot.

Braid to Leader - FG knot

When tying your braid to the straight to the leader, a FG knot is by far has the best knot strength and is very easy to tie when out on the water.


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