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[video] Bridle-rigging Bait for Trolling

One question we receive a lot is “How to rig a livebait for kingfish?”

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One question we receive a lot is “How to rig a livebait for kingfish?” 

There’s more than one answer to this, so Nathan has been in the shed rigging up baits for different styles of fishing. First shed-video in the series is: Bridle Rigging Bait for Trolling.

Watch the entire series of Live Baiting for Kingfish:

1st video: Bridle Rigging bait for Trolling

2nd video: Bridle Rigging for Deep Water

3rd video: Live Baiting with Balloons



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#2 alex 2016-08-07 19:48
hey guys!
awesome tuorial. im just wanting to know how one would get there hands on one of those rigging needles?
#1 hamish 2016-08-04 21:46
Hey guys,
just wanted to say a massive thank you!
I remember commenting on an article a while back asking for some tips on how you briddel rig and now to know how it's done because of the videos is awesome
wicked to see you guys not just saying you're gonna do it but do it and do it so well.
Looking forward to more tips but more so the new season!
good luck

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