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This Amazing Place

In one day, we were greeted by orcas, a whale (but which species??) and a pod of dolphins, the photos say it all!

The change from winter to summer brings huge amounts of life to our shores, and in early January, we had the most incredible morning in Rangaunu Harbour. 

Just outside the harbour entrance, as we anchored up for a coffee, a pod of about 10 orcas moved in to investigate the boat. After finishing the coffee, we headed back towards the harbour to catch live baits in about 3 meters of water. There we were greeted by a huge whale, don't know what species, but we decided that the Techno Viking must have been its family, as it followed us around everywhere!

Our massive whale cousin made catching bait fish very difficult, but made for some amazing times with an animal that normally wouldn't hang around to play. 

With fishing on the brain, we left the harbour only to join a pod of dolphins that was heading out wide for a fish, too.

It just goes to show that we do live in the most amazing place on this planet! 

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