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The Yellow Torpedoes

Is "catching kingfish in water so shallow I don’t get my shorts wet" on your wish list? Read on as Milan walks you through a game plan.

Probably the most asked questions we get here at Big Angry Fish head quarters are “How do you catch kingfish?” and “How do I do it in shallow water?”
From what we have learned about the fish, the most important bit of advice is: Start fishing for kingfish, not snapper or anything else. Next we have to understand the kingfish, so we can make a game plan on how to hunt them down.

So what do we know about kingfish?

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#10 John N Mullan 2015-03-23 13:20
Hi guys,yes the rigging one on one helped heaps,thanks alot.Keep up the good work,best fishing show on tele by far!
#9 Big Angry Fish 2015-03-21 11:36
Hi John. Good idea with diagrams. Will keep this in mind. Have you read this article: http://bigangryfish.tv/kingfish-rigging-one-on-one ?
It may answer your question?
#8 Big Angry Fish 2015-03-21 11:34
Hi Robbie. We've heard from several anglers that Motu River mouth during whitebait season pulls big kingfish. Could be worth slow trolling a big kahawai across the river mouth. Be careful not being caught by the surfcasters...
#7 Robbie Unsworth 2015-03-17 19:31
Great article, I have been trying for ages on my kayak and only managed to hook rats. Are river mouths any good for kingies and is so what is the best live bait to use?
#6 John N Mullan 2015-03-16 23:14
Hi guys

Would be grateful if you guys put up some diagrams/tips on how you set up your balloon rig for kings in shallow water 3-12 meters.
Thanks in advance
#5 Sopheap 2015-03-16 19:58
wicked article iv always wanted to try this out raglan habour which months are the best time and what do you think is the best lure!!!
#4 Big Angry Fish 2015-02-10 15:29
Great to hear JamesCash. Let us know how you get on! Good luck!
#3 jamescash 2015-02-09 19:41
gonna try these shallows been trying for a month to get my first king on lure to no avail but afta reading i need to try something new thanks
#2 Big Angry Fish 2015-01-29 12:44
Thanks, Gary!
#1 Gary Stone 2015-01-29 12:43
Great article cheers

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